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Red Chilli
Red Chilli
Red Chilli
Red Chilli

Red Chilli Wholesalers

Red Chilli Wholesalers & Supplier in India is Vaishali Global. Rich source of Vitamin C: Red chillies are jam-packed with Vitamin C that helps in supporting the immune system and combat chronic diseases. Prevents heart ailments: There are very powerful antioxidants in red chilli that help in clearing blockages in blood vessels and arteries.

Red chillies are a rich source of various vitamins, minerals and proteins (amino acids) necessary for human health. They also contain essential phytochemicals such as alkaloids (capsaicin), flavonoids and phenolics that are important antioxidants

Red chilli contains a high amount of beneficial health

  • It may have analgesic properties (relieves pain)
  • It may have anti-cancer activity
  • It may have a memory-enhancing ability
  • It may have a blood sugar lowering effect
  • It may aid weight management
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